Month: March 2023

  • This is Who

    This is Who

    Thank you to those who responded to the challenge in my last post. Theo (whom I play with in noisms’ Three Mile Tree campaign, and whose weird and wonderful updates on that campaign always bring a smile to my face) spoke in the comments of how the four characters are the personifications of anthropomorphized walled cities […]

  • Who Is This

    Who Is This

      Who are they? As anyone who follows this blog knows, I’ve been becoming increasingly obsessed with generating AI images with a certain style (black and white engravings). I’ve even started selling some of them on T-shirts. The picture above fascinates me: who are they? If you can tell me something more about this person […]

  • AI as DM

    AI as DM

      art by The Mycoleum Continuing my experiments with AI, I have been trying to get a computer to act as Dungeon Master, running a roleplaying game in response to my prompts. The results have been interesting, but for all the wrong reasons. In this post I will use the following conventions: My messages to […]

  • Dregs of Rudetown comic by Chris Barker

    Dregs of Rudetown comic by Chris Barker

    The next publication from Peakrill Press (after this one) will be the comic Dregs of Rudetown by Chris Barker. We’re making copies of the comic ridiculously cheap on Kickstarter – £5 including postage for a 40-page comic. The comic covers the everyday exploits of nineties folk – featuring everything from landlines to indie discos, fruit machines to […]

  • GPT-4: give up, go home

    GPT-4: give up, go home

      “Generate an artpunk OSR scenario” The players are members of an underground art collective known as the Velvet Revolution. They’ve just landed a commission from the wealthy and eccentric art patron, Baroness de Vries, to create a masterpiece that will shock the city to its core. The catch? The Baroness has given them just […]

  • Postal Diplomacy

    Postal Diplomacy

    A recent post by Solomon VK reminded me of the existence of the board game Diplomacy – a game in which, from what I can remember (it’s been over 30 years), players took on roles as the major European powers of the 19th Century (Austro-Hungary, the Ottomans, et al), then negotiated and battled their way […]

  • Terry Howard and the Inner City Round Walk of Sheffield

    Terry Howard and the Inner City Round Walk of Sheffield

    I met my father-in-law, Terry Howard, two years before I met his daughter, my wife. Terry led me and a group of other teenagers on a hike up a mountain in Snowdonia. There, we all slept overnight in the rain with only plastic bivvy-bags to keep us dry. It was brilliant! Terry’s gentle wisdom and […]