Month: February 2023

  • The Subtle Art of Not Being a Cult [misprint]

    The Subtle Art of Not Being a Cult [misprint]

    Please stick on this song by my fucking mates Danny, Dave and Ian before reading this post.  Today my mobile phone kept correcting the word “comes” to “cunts”. Patrick Stuart remarked that “Yours must be the only phone I know of that not only recognises ‘cunts’ but actually adjusts towards it”. It’s true. I have trained […]

  • Molemen & Mammoth-flu

    Molemen & Mammoth-flu

    You’re going to have to take my word for this but today I did a great hour long interview with noisms of Monsters & Manuals fame. We talked about many & varied topics, including his Kickstarter for the second edition of Yoon-Suin: The Purple Land, which ends in less than a day. We also covered […]