Monday, 2 January 2023

Cadero 002: West Plaza

 (Yesterday's post, and today's, may have given the impression that I'll be posting these daily on my blog; I won't).

Here's today's entry - you'll have to read my scrawl as I've not time to type it up (actually, typing it up is the easy part, it's the temptation to edit that is the real time-killer):

And here's the spark table for LICENSED PICKPOCKETS in the Cadero mall:

1Urchin (£ d4)"Oh look! Over there!"
2Shellsuiter (£ d10)Bumps into you and bellows "OOPS! SORRY" in a deranged voice
3Monstrosity in disguise (£ d20)Drops shopping all over the place
4Spiv (£ d100)Ability to shift self by 10ft
5Hipster (£ d100 x 2)Almost invisible
6Aristo (£ d100 x 20)Has a very cute pet

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