Month: January 2023

  • Kickstarter delivery charges

    Kickstarter delivery charges

      Art by The Mycoleum This is a controversial take, so bear with me; games publishers: please include up-front delivery costs with your Kickstarter campaigns. That’s the way Kickstarters always used to work, but in recent years most campaigns have switched to third-party services like Backerkit. When using Backerkit, delivery costs are not factored in […]

  • Becoming Borg

    Becoming Borg

    The kind of elf you’ll find in any Wizards of the Coast book, but AI-generated Once again a post from Monsters and Manuals about AI has prompted… thoughts. I agree entirely with this statement: The real ‘threat’ posed by AI is not that it will replace us, but that we will come more closely to resemble […]

  • Favourite books of 2022

      some good books This is just a blog post to send you to another blog post. I have a personal blog which I post to roughly once per year (it’s been running for nearly 22 years now, so is older than some of the readers of this blog). Over on t’other place I’ve just […]

  • Cadero 002: West Plaza

     (Yesterday’s post, and today’s, may have given the impression that I’ll be posting these daily on my blog; I won’t). Here’s today’s entry – you’ll have to read my scrawl as I’ve not time to type it up (actually, typing it up is the easy part, it’s the temptation to edit that is the real […]

  • Nobody Asked for This!

    I have a new email newsletter! The more observant of you may have noticed that I also have an old email newsletter (sign-up boxes to the right and to the bottom of this post). This new one is utterly different. It’s called Dan Sumption’s Mycoleum Mind, and each week I post a short idea. Sometimes […]

  • Cadero 1: The Entrance Hall

    Entrance to The Cadero As per yesterday’s post, this is my first #Dungeon23 entry. 001: Entrance to The Cadero Up a short flight of steps are two huge revolving doors; the left one is jammed and the right one is moving very slowly. There is a long queue of SHOPPERS waiting to get in. It […]