Month: October 2022

  • MuMufication and the People’s Pyramid

    Yesterday I completed foundation training as a Death Doula (or “Soul Midwife”), somebody who helps members of their community to come to terms with and approach death in as comfortable a way as possible. As part of my training, I had to give a presentation on a particular community’s practices surrounding death. Rather than tackle […]

  • AI-generated soundtracks

    Amidst all of the talk about the use of AI/Machine Learning to generate content for RPGs, I’ve only ever heard two forms of media discussed: words, and pictures. Of course, these are the things that RPG books and supplements are made up of, and so it seems obvious to talk about them. But they are […]

  • AI writing partnerships

    The topic of using AI/Machine Learning in TTRPGs just won’t go away. Most recently, I see that Monsters and Manuals has declared for the Luddite side. I can certainly appreciate this position from an ethical standpoint, and from an aesthetic standpoint I can see why a person would think that computer-created content lacks soul (and […]

  • Kaverns & Kittens

    COMING SOON FROM PEAKRILL PRESS… Writer Mister Daniel Nathan Sumption and Illustrator Master Maximillian Benjamin Hartley present: KING ARTHUR vs. DEVIL KITTEH, a modern retelling of the medieval story of good King Arthur, and of how he killed a giant cat (how very brave of him!) This is a genuine medieval tale, and it’s about […]