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A quick note about exciting new developments at the Peakrill cottage. First up, things you can buy from me, and where to buy them. My book Learning to Draw Trees is now out, and I’ve moved my shop to Shopify – purchase all sorts of Good Stuff from me here! Shopify’s monthly fee is a fair bit more than I’m making from sales at the moment but… you know how to change that, right? Buy, buy, buy!

As well as books/zines/leaflets whatever, this includes art prints and mugs of the trees I’ve drawn. More of both will be coming soon, as well as greeting cards and… I dunno, tea-towels? Branded underwear? Comment here with your wants and your needs.

I’m also selling the last few of a very special pack of “tarot” cards, a magical artifact which will be spoken of a thousand years from now.

I’ve also also, finally, got around to drawing trees again. A beautiful ash tree covered in freaky boles, which I found in Robin Wood, Loxley, Sheffield (Ha, Robin Wood, Loxley! I’ve only just realised the pun). You want mugs of this? Prints? T-shirt? G-string? Let me know, and the gods will arrange. 

Bole ash tree, Robin Wood 

More exciting publishing projects coming soon. Peakrill Press is branching out! Like my friends over at Polyversity Press, I’m a big fan of “quality books of indeterminate genre”, brought together by the passions and personality of the person publishing them (I’m also a big fan of “covers that look like textbooks for subjects that almost certainly don’t qualify as real sciences”, though that’s a little less relevant here). And so, while my main focus will continue to be on gaming related guff, I’ll be printing other stuff that I love, not all of it by me.

Next up will be new editions of some inspirational books on walking by my father-in-law, Terry Howard. Terry has been a huge force in the movement to secure the Right to Roam in the UK over the last 50-odd years. A documentary called Ramble On has recently been made about Terry, by Director Charlie Thorne, and it’s an absolutely wonderful piece of “slow cinema”. It made me cry. I believe that you can catch it next at Sheffield’s Festival of the Mind on 22nd September. Here’s the trailer:

Finally, for those of you in the USA and nearby territories, I’m glad to say that you can now save on mail costs by my purchasing my Cairn adventure Gespenwald from the Cairn Store – or at least, you’ll be able to once Yochai gets back from vacation. Likewise, both Gespenwald and Mostly Harmless Meetings will soon be up for sale on Exalted Funeral. Words cannot express what a confidence boost it is for me having those folks appreciate my stuff so much that they will pay for bundles of it to be shipped to the USA. 

Actually, that wasn’t such a short update, was it?

Oh! And there is… just one more thing (and thank you for reading this far!) My wife makes some absolutely amazing stuff out of vintage fabrics, under the moniker “Made by Candlelight”. I’m hoping to add that too to my online shop in due time, although meanwhile she has a folksy store but… it’s sold out. She’s frantically making patchwork hot-water bottle covers in time for Winter, but if anything below catches your eye then drop me a line, custom orders always very welcome! We recently shipped a beautiful wheelchair blanket to Natchitoches, Louisiana – something else which makes me beam with joy. 

Happy almost-autumn, and may your mushroom-hunting always be safe.




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