Mostly Harmless Meetings – now available to buy

Mostly Harmless Meetings has been sent out to Kickstarter backers, so I am selling both printed zines and PDF copies via the eye-catching buttons at the top of the page 

My physical products shop on Shopify also contains a number of non-gaming related titles I’ve produced in the past, including the last few packs of the Pilgrims’ Tarot produced to accompany the Cerne2CERN pilgrimage. These will one day be treasured as magical artifacts of the highest order (fun fact: Alan Moore did a tarot reading for the pilgrimage in which he pulled nine major arcana, from The Magician to The Hermit, in deck order. Sure, that can happen at random, although the chances  area less than one in a universe; what are the chances of it happening when England’s greatest living magus is divining what will happen when 69 happy fools decide to immanentise the Eschaton?)

The PDF can be purchase via my account, where you’ll also find my pay-as-you-feel contribution to the One-Page RPG Jam 2021, In My End Is My Beginning.
As a special treat for anyone who has read this far, you can get a whopping 23% off the PDF by following this link, and an even more whopping off 23% off all physical products (and free postage to the UK) by entering the code BLOG23 at the checkout on my online store (also: free postage to the UK). Both discounts run until the end of March 2022.







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