Month: March 2022

  • The Bogey Beasts of Sidney Sime

    Woods and Dark Animals by Sidney H Sime Inasmuch as there is a Peakrill Press house style, it is that of fin-de-siecle fantasy-inspired illustrations of the late 19th and early 20th century (largely nicked from; images by Arthur Rackham, Aubrey Beardsley and, especially, Sidney Herbert Sime. I love this style of drawing, and the worlds […]

  • Running Troika! with family

    it’s also legal to buy and sell drugs if you do it through a mandrill A while back I bought Daniel Sell’s Troika! RPG. It’s… strange. The Troika! game universe reminds me more than anything else of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but with rather more fantasy elements. It’s very whimsical, very British, very surreal, and very […]

  • Bundle for Ukraine

    Just a quick post to say that the Bundle for Ukraine sale ends in under 24 hours. It contains an amazing 998 games, for both tabletop and computer, covering every genre imaginable, and worth over $6,500 at their normal price. You can bag the lot for a minimum donation of a ridiculously low $10. Funds go […]

  • Play-by-post and the written word

    Encourage the Beautiful by Louis Rhead In my last post, I gave an example of play in my vapourware play-by-post game (which, incidentally, has the working title “Out of Hope”, due to the fact that player characters will start off in Hope and at some point, presumably, will travel out of Hope) One of the […]

  • An example of play-by-post in Peakrill

    A Light in the Pavilion by Gordon Browne This is the first of a few posts I’ll be writing about play-by-post RPGs (formerly known as play-by-mail  – PBM – and then play-by-email – PBeM). I played in quite a few PBM games in the 80s, and have been thinking about running one myself for quite some […]

  • Mostly Harmless Meetings – now available to buy

    Mostly Harmless Meetings has been sent out to Kickstarter backers, so I am selling both printed zines and PDF copies via the eye-catching buttons at the top of the page  My physical products shop on Shopify also contains a number of non-gaming related titles I’ve produced in the past, including the last few packs of […]

  • Into Into The Odd

    Into the Iron Coral This weekend I ran my first game of Into The Odd. I was also my first in-person TTRPG since the pandemic started, my first in about 30 years in fact. And it was also also the first time I’ve talked my wife into playing an RPG. But not the last! (Actually, […]

  • Interview with Write Radio

    Write Radio I was interviewed recently for Write Radio on Sheffield Live. I talked to host Jane Armstrong about writing for roleplaying games, and how it differs from the sort of short story writing I’d been doing before. We also talk about the differences between TTRPGs now vs. those I grew up with in the […]