Month: January 2022

  • Nanodeities

      A small god by Richard Tingley Have you seen my Twitter bot, @deitygalaxy? Deity Galaxy, AKA All The Deities, invents new gods, goddesses and goddexxes. Tiny, eeny-weeny deities. Deities so small that they may not even have any followers. Deities who are desperate for somebody to notice them, accept them, worship them. The idea […]

  • The Book of Horkos

    Your author and the Book of Horkos I wrote recently here about real-world magic. Bear with me skeptics (feel free to call it something more sciency if you prefer: perhaps “psychology” or “human nature” or “nudge theory”), for here is another powerful school of magic in the real world: the spell that is cast by […]

  • A Middle-aged Man Returns to Viriconium

    Viriconium comic, in German, by Dieter Judt Deep in work-work and in lieu of anything new to say, I’m rehashing this passage from my personal blog. When I discovered the OSR 18 months ago, it surprised and pleased me to discover how much influence M John Harrison (or at least his Viriconium sequence) seemed to have over the […]

  • Learning to Draw Trees – and other news

      While Mostly Harmless Meetings is nearly ready to go to print, I have launched a pre-launch page for my next Kickstarter project, Learning to Draw Trees, which will be part of ZiMo – #ZineMonth222. In other news, Peakrill Press now has a Twitter account. Also, the more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that […]