Month: December 2021

  • Mostly Harmless Meetings: we’re nearly there

    I’ve finished writing and designing Mostly Harmless Meetings, “a zine of countryside encounters” – above is a sample spread. Kickstarter backers should already have an email telling them how to download the PDF. After the inevitable last-minute edits, this will be going off to print in around a week. Once all of the Kickstarter backers […]

  • Execution by… daffodils?

    Leafing through an old notebook, I found the beginnings of a table of… something. Apart from a couple of entries (a hawthorn tree whose thorns creep up and down its twigs, and a rat which opens its mouth wide and turns itself inside-out) all of the entries came under “you are executed. Cause of death:” […]

  • The Fisher- Folk or PShhrsha

    A Fisher-folk This is the first in a series of Alternative Hominids, a family tree of human species which diverged from their common ancestor a round the same time as Homo Sapiens. Fisher-folk’s specialism makes them at catching water beasts and insects, and then tend to live in the region of lakes (particularly moorland scattered […]

  • The Wonderist character class

    Wonderism What is #Wonderism? It is the opposite to Terrorism. A terrorist spreads fear through society by carrying out unexpected acts of violence and outrage. A wonderist spreads joy through society by carrying out unexpected acts of love and silliness. A wonderist views optimism as a radical act of resistance (particularly in our current scary […]

  • Future Peakrill Projects

    Although I’m now full-steam ahead working on Mostly Harmless Meetings, I’ve also been thinking about future projects. The success of my SideQuest project has given me the confidence and inspiration to devote a large amount of my time to publishing my work (regular visitors may notice that the title and design of this blog have […]

  • Kickstarter or bust?

    Yesterday’s news that Kickstarter are moving to become a Blockchain platform has hit the indie gaming community like a bomb. Many people I know immediately declared that they were leaving the platform, others (me included) are very confused/torn on the issue. My just-completed Kickstarter campaign for Mostly Harmless Meetings was more successful than I had […]

  • Magic in the Real World

    Mumufication As players of fantasy games, we are all familiar with the concept of magic, but how many of us believe that magic exists in the “real world”. I do. Allow me to clarify… At university, I was taught by the amazing Professor Susan Blackmore. Sue taught me many lessons, and introduced me to the […]

  • On Infinite Worlds

    Beware of the Enchanted Ground by George Woolliscroft Rhead This is a response to a recent post on False Machine about “making it feel big”. I think that, to create a world that feels like it goes on for ever and ever, the trick is to create a world that starts relatively small, but has […]