Month: September 2021

  • What We Have Left

    Some time ago I wrote a series of short stories. Here is one of them. They will be published as a book, once they are edited. That should be some time before 2030. If you would prefer to listen to the story (and I recommend that you do) you can hear me reading a slightly […]

  • FTFA*

    * Fuck The Fucking Acronyms**** Yes pedants, <whiny voice>it’s an intialism not an acronym</whiny voice>. That’s not how English works. My spell checker doesn’t even recognise the word “initialism” and neither does 99% of the population TL;DR – Old Man Shouts at Clouds Ever since I rediscovered gaming and the OSR (which I always assume […]

  • When is a Coin not a Coin?

      I just bought Luke Gearing’s Wolves Upon The Coast campaign which includes a draft of his forthcoming supplement &&&&& Treasure. This is a series of tables for generating treasure hordes, and alongside the expected entries for potions, wands, artefacts, etc, there is a “coins” table. I’ve written before about my dissatisfaction with the way money […]

  • Interview with Patrick Stuart of False Machine

     I interviewed Patrick Stuart of False Machine. Patrick has a Kickstarter for his new project with Scrap Princess, Demon Bone Sarcophagus (ends Saturday 11th September – be quick) I also mentioned the Gelatinous Cube podcast. If you’re a masochist, read The Psychoanalysis of Fire by Gaston Bachelard

  • Running Lasers & Feelings

    I ran my first game of Lasers & Feelings last week. The scenario I rolled up was: zombie cyborgs seek to bond with an alien artifact which will bring about a war/invasion. I was scared of having to improvise the entire scenario beyond that sentence, but actually it went great – the players’ actions prompted […]