Fish-maggot Paté

An artifact found in every fish folk settlement, fish maggot paté is almost always stored in a tiny jar of dark blue glass with a lid of marbled precious metals streaked with jade. Inside is a paste which looks a loose liver paté: slightly runny, pink, and homogenous save for occasional veins of deeper red. It smells sweet, sickly even, and tastes surprisingly pleasant, although it leaves a slimy, gritty residue on the tongue and roof of the mouth.

The fish folk know to eat fish-maggot paste in the correct quantity, a tiny dab from the end of a finger. Anyone who takes much more than this will overdose.
The effect of the paste is to make the eater insectiverous. If taking the correct dose, this lasts 1d4 days, if any more is eaten then the effect is permanent. While insectiverous, the flesh of vertebrates is repellent and the appeal of invertebrates – insects, worms, spiders and the like – hard to resist.
An insectiverous character eating meat will have to make a DC12 Constritution saving throw, or find themselves vomiting – incapacitated for d6 rounds, and charisma reduced by d6 until able to wash themselves.
An insectiverous character encountering invertebrates mus make a DC12 Wisdom saving throw, or be unable to resist eating them. This may disgust those around them, but for the eater it is invigorating. Gain d4 temporary hitpoints for the next d4 hours.
Fish folk use this paté in seasonal rituals, becoming briefly insectiverous when there are plentiful invertebrates available to eat.



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